We feel proud to say that in most of the events, competitions and meets etc. our Vidyalaya has been ranking either I or II or achieving a respectable ranks, shields, medals or cash prize etc.

A few pass outs of this Vidyalayas are working on good post and a few students earned their names as the toppers in the merit list of CBSE. The results of a few teachers of our school also got one or the other position in the region subject wise.
Each mark is a summary of the pupil's achievements in a particular subject or group of subjects. In this respect the teacher should be guided by the scope and emphasis allotted by the syllabi to the various teaching items. Shortcomings in a field of minor importance should not entail the follow-up activities incumbent on school same reduction of a mark as would be prompted by more critical deficiencies. Marks for certain subjects in which written examinations are set should not be made wholly dependent on the results of those examinations.

All achievements must be included in the assessment, and the teacher must avoid attaching too much value to results which are particularly amenable to assessment. Furthermore, marks must be based on observations and notes throughout the senior level grades and not only on impressions gained towards the end of this period. Even during years for which marks are not awarded, teachers must keep notes concerning the pupils' work as a form of documentation on which to base interviews with the pupils and their parents.

Tournament Achievements (Games and sports)

Girls participated in cluster = 10

Boys participated in cluster = 155

Regional sports meet boys 56 participated

Regional sports meet girls 48 participated

National sports meet girls 21 participated

National sports meet boys 31 participated

SGFI participated boys =6

SGFI participated girls = 8

SGFI Achievements

Vikrant in Rope skipping got silver medal

Sachin in Tae-kawando got bronze medal

Sachin goyat class IX [A] student participated in Olympic National games got gold Medal and selected for World student Olympic game held in Thiland. He Participated for national in tae-kawondo meet and got 4 gold medal in all Tournament .