JNV Ghuskani Alumni Meet

Dear Alumna /Alumnus
The Alumni meet of this vidyalaya is held every year on the first Sunday of December.

The vidyalaya is indeed blessed to have a vibrant and energetic alumni. The alumni association has been rendering a yeoman service in every facet of the vidyalaya activities. The vidyalaya feels immense pleasure in stating that our alumni has carved a niche for themselves in the society and many have excelled in their chosen endeavour after passing out of this vidyalaya. Every alumni meet witnesses an impressive turnout and their physical contribution every year leaves an inedible mark on the beauty of the vidyalaya. Our spruced up Multi-purpose hall, the Jawaharlal Nehru statue which adorns our academic block are pointers to this. They are the mute witnesses and are replete of their love and encouragement. Besides the alumni is actively involved in career and guidance; effectively passing on each year, the various avenues available to the senior students after Class XII. The sharing of their expertise through interactive sessions has been of invaluable help to the students pursuing their education in this vidyalaya.