Schools Rules & Regulation

It is essential we adhere to the school rules and regulations. For these reasons, we ask students and parents/guardians to respect the following at all times.

Rules for Students while in School Premises :
  • Look after all school property such as desks, chairs, white boards and all other items in the classroom.
  • In order to achieve the maximum results within the limited teaching time, all students are asked to respect the common rules operating in classrooms, respect teacher and finish home work on time to highest possible standard.
  • The School premises is a quiet environment during lesson time. Do not run and shout at any time.
  • We suggest students bring their own water bottle. No junk food and chewing gum is allowed in school.
  • Respect for all faculty members, other students and self.
  • One of the most important aspects of education is discipline which should eventually be internalized. Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character.
  • Respect for all school property and school uniform.
  • Courtesy and consideration for all members of the school community.
  • Silence places and times designated for silence.
  • No chewing of gum in the building or on school grounds.
  • No student is allowed anywhere in the school building without supervision.