Sports Activities

Apart from the academics we have also aimed at the all round development of the personality of a child. With this regard we held various co-curricular activities sports and games in our vidyalaya.

Games and Sports are given due importance in the personality development of the children. Morning jogging and exercises and evening games are obligatory for every child - unless they are medically recommended. Efforts will be made to make each child proficient in minimum two outdoor games and two indoor games apart from two athletic events. A "Sports Committee" headed by the principal will monitor the development of games and sports activities. In order to keep our young talents full of life and vigour, we encourage and organize lots of sports activity in the school. The list includes cricket, football, badminton, softball and many more. The institute organizes sports events every year for the students.

We believe in healthy hearts and strong minds. Without facilities sports cannot take place. This does not however imply that sports facility is the only variable that is necessary for sports participation; others such as supplies, equipment, finance to mention a few are indispensable complements to sports facilities. Having said this, the availability, adequacy, standard, funding, maintenance, supervision, safety, location and accessibility of sports facilities deserve adequate attention for sports facilities to contribute to excellence in sports participation.